samedi 21 novembre 2009

Facundo Pellegrino

We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask Facundo a few questions about his work as a model :

• Which place do you come from in Argentina ?
-naci en la provincia de cordoba, pequeño pueblo entre montañas.
I was born in the province of Cordoba, in a small village surrounded by mountains.

• Where do you live now ?
-vivo en buenos ayres pero frecuentemente viajo a paris.
I live in Buenos Ayres but I frequently come to Paris.

• Besides modelling what do you enjoy ?
-me gusta tocar la guitarra.
I like to play the guitar.

• Did you know anything about the fashion industry before starting your modelling job ?
-la verdad no.
To tell you the truth, no.

• We saw you for the first time after the spring summer 2009 Kris van Assche show in Paris, but when and where did you start walking for shows ? and how were you discovered ?
-dos años atras en paris para dior homme, conoci a kris van assche en
I started two years ago for Dior Homme ; I met Kris van Assche in Buenos Ayres before.

• Are you modelling full time ?
-no, tambien tengo una revista con dos amigos, su nombre es, donde puedo expresar todo lo que siento trabajando en la moda.
No, I also manage a magazine with two friends, its name is ; there I can express all I feel working in the fashion world.

• What do you like in the shows ? and backstage ? what about the make-up ?
-no me gusta el maquillaje, siempre me hace llorar, los backstages son muy divertidos y me gustan muchos los 5 minutos antes de salir.
I don't like the make-up, it always makes me cry ; I have much fun backstage and what I enjoy the most are the five minutes before going on the catwalk.

• Has your taste, and your self image, been modified ? Did you learn anything about you ?
-si por supuesto, viajar es aprender mas de uno mismo, y este trabajo da te esa posibilidad.
Yes, of course, travelling means learning more about yourself and this work offers you this opportunity.

• And how is your perception of the Kris van Assche show compared to the Dior Homme one ?
-kris van assche es mas familiar, siempre siento que estoy entre amigos.
At Kris van Assche it's more like a family atmosphere, I always have the feeling that I am with friends.

• How did you learn how to pose for photographers ?
-nunca aprendi.
I never learned.

• What do you prefer, walking for shows or shooting editorials ?
-caminar en los shows por supuesto.
Walking for shows of course.

• What do you like on a shooting ?
-no siempre me gustan, a veces se vuelve muy aburrido, siento que para sentirme a gusto tengo que sentirme parte y a veces me aburren.
I don't always like shootings ; sometimes it may become a little boring. I believe that to feel comfortable I have to be a part of it, but sometimes I get bored.

• Do you work more in Argentina than in Europe ? Where do you prefer to work ?
-trabajo mas en europa, y siempre es mejor trabajar alli, aprendo mucho.
I'm working more in Europe, it's always better to work there, I learn a lot.

• We know that you featured in an editorial photographed by Nan Goldin for the German FHM Collections, how was it to work with her ?
-increible, ella es genial, es como mi tia. una persona muy sensible e humilde.
It was incredible, she is fantastic, she is like an aunt to me ; a very sensitive and humble person.

Thanks a lot to Facundo for his answers.
Here we add some infos about Facundo's work :

Civiles, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Bananas Mambo, Paris, France,

Facundo walked following shows in Paris :
Dior Homme fw 08/09
Kris van Assche ss 09 - Dior Homme ss 09
Kris van Assche fw 09/10 - Dior Homme fw 09/10
Kris van Assche ss 10 - Dior Homme ss 10

Some Editorials
"Privatsuite", German FHM Collections fw 08/09, photographer : Nan Goldin, production: Corinna Teresa Brix
"4 garçons dans le vent", Spray, 2008, photographer : Joe Lai, styliste : Annabelle Jouot
editorials in Argentina for 90 mas 10,

Campaigns (in Argentina)
A. Y. Not Dead,